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Health & Safety Films


This polyester film passes JISZ-2801 antimicrobial test with bacterial reduction 99%. The film can be designed to exhibit antimicrobial property on both surfaces or on one surface. This is used in specific human touch flexible packaging application.
TDS: This is available in 23, 36 & 50 microns

The anti-microbial film finds applications in:
Human touch flexible packaging application
Building Materials
Clean Rooms
Food Processing Facilities
Medical Products
Medical Packaging

Provisional specifications: Other properties of the film are in line with the properties observed in normal BOPET film. Refer the attached provisional specification sheet.


This is a bi-axially oriented Flame retardant polyester film. The film is based on halogen free flame retardant chemistry. The film can be suggested in application where flame retardant and electrical insulating are prerequisite, viz., electrical cable wraps, printed circuit board industry, insulation boards etc.,
TDS: This is available in 15, 23, 36 & 50 microns.

The film has following properties:

Cable wrapping.
Excellent flame resistance – Complies with UL VTM-0 specifications.
Good heat resistance.
Good mechanical / physical properties.
Good electrical properties.
Good chemical resistance.
Film can be cut/ bent/ punched/ coated/ laminated as normal PET film.

This film can be used for following applications:

Electrical insulation
Wall coverings in trains, ships and aircraft
Window blinds
Adhesive tapes
Buildings and constructions